Workers Compensation Claim for Carpal Tunnel Injury

Carpal tunnel syndrome also known as CTS is defined as severe pain in the wrists and the hands. It’s quite a common occurrence amongst manual labours and workers who are frequently exposed to bad ergonomic conditions. Rebated bouts of activity which strain the same set of muscles, work which demands great use of force and excessive vibration are believed to be the leading cause of carpals syndrome.

How is CTS caused?

Carpals syndrome is caused to the repeated contraction of the median nerve at the wrist. The symptoms are evident and visually prominent. The patient will suffer from non inflammatory fibrosis of the connective tissue associated by the flexor tendons. The patient will experience pain and discomfort which progressively worsens at night. If the disease is left untreated it can cause loss of sensation in the hand and loss of functionality.

Carpals syndrome is commonly found in workers who do lots of physical labour. Since this disease affects their work life and physiological state they have every right to claim for compensation with the guidance of good Compensation Lawyers Sydney.

As a last resort endoscopic surgery of the wrist is performed.

Generally all ethical and law abiding employers have workers compensation schemes through which a worker is compensated if carpals syndrome is diagnosed. This compensation will include costs for medication, therapy and surgery if required. You should discuss your compensation package with your lawyer before accepting it. In case the amount of compensation is not sufficient you can negotiate with your employer or directly file your claim in court.

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