What to Do Before and During the Arrival of the Movers

What should we do before and after the movers arrive? This is the typical question that homeowners ask us. Whilst you may have packed most of your personal effects in sealed boxes and got your big items prepped, there are a few more things you need to remember during the removals itself to make things smooth and easy.


• A few days before the move itself, inform your neighbours around the block that you will be having people coming in to do the packing. This gives them enough time to go out of the way. If there will be way blockages, for them to know that they have been forewarned.

• Most typically for people with homes in apartments and high-density residential areas, the movers will not be able to be in the immediate vicinity of the home itself. They will find the closest parking spot that will give them enough space to operate and work from there, so it should not be an issue.

• If you want to make sure that you are properly compensated for any potential damage to your possessions, you may want to get yourself an insurance.


• Once the day of the move comes, immediately inform the removalists where you would want them to park their vehicles, typically right outside your garage or in a nearby drop parking spot.

• You may want to oversee the entire operation just to be sure or, if you want, have an agent who will make sure that everything goes smoothly.

• Move around your home to see if the removalists are doing their job right and give them specific instructions for specific products. Contrary to popular belief, removal teams like being given the right instructions to avoid any points of contention if there are any damages or wrong loading.

• Whilst your movers are taking care of most of your stuff, prep yourself things that you would immediately need in the first three days of your stay. Pack toiletries, beverages, drinks and whatnot so that you can survive the first day where everything still needs to get unpacked.

• Keep all the keys in a small pack with you at all times and check the storage areas like the pantry, cabinets and cupboards for any loose objects that you might need. Make sure nothing is left behind during the move.

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