What Are Lapel Pins?

Formal accessories are one of the better ways to customise what you look like. Adding lapel pins to your outfit like suits allow for an easy, inexpensive way to make yourself look good and neat. These suit pins are designed to not be too inconspicuous, rather give you a subtle air of elegance. Sometimes, the look of an old-fashioned gentleman is a good impression, especially in formal and business events. Good looks help you have good impressions with people and, in today’s business environment, a good impression is as good as a seal of approval for a successful aesthetic.

There is a somehow understated air of sophistication with suit pins. When worn properly and correctly, lapel pins can make you look like a million bucks, pushing compliments towards your way. These pins are predominantly decorative and have no other functions other than make you look good. Just like how women like having a jewellery and brooches to adorn themselves, suit pins are a subtle way to accessorize, for men. This can have any type of design, depending on your preferences. Most suit pins in a business setting are given to members of an organization as a way to identify who’s a member of which organization.

A lapel suit pin can have any size and shape, and typically takes on a small space on your suit jacket.

There are different types of these pins, depending on what style you are aiming for. A magnetic clasp pin allows for you to wear a suit pin without poking holes in your jacket, which is typically done if you have a very expensive suit or a rental.

A butterfly clutch is used typically, having a sharp point to attach it and allows it to lock in place.

The rarely used screw and nut pin are also available, allowing you to hold the pin firmly in place.

Finally, the most typical is called a stick pin, which is used to hold a tie in place or lock a design pin in place, giving you a vintage dapper look.

Any of these lapel pins would look good on you and it’s best to see which one you are most comfortable with. Looking like a gentleman is a good way to look and feel impressed with the people around you. Pair your custom lapel pins with the colour of your suit and make sure to look your best.