Wedding Furniture Hire: Pieces You Need to Have

Planning a nuptial is exciting and intimidating at the same time. Besides having to meet with various suppliers and making sure that everything’s seamless, you also need to think about your guests. This also includes having to get a wedding furniture hire so you can complete your venue’s overall look.

Wedding Furniture Hire Service

Below are some pieces you might want to get:

Wedding Chairs

Some of the most important furniture pieces you need to have at your wedding are the chairs. After all, where would guests sit if not for these, right? Having these in your ceremony and reception allows your attendees the chance to be comfortable throughout your celebration.

When picking out chairs, make sure these match your overall theme and decoration. If you are going for a ball type of celebration, consider renting ghost chairs. These will surely add an air of elegance to your reception. If you are going for a rustic look, why not hire benches for your attendees to sit on? Check out the furniture price list here.

Table Centre Decorations

Since you don’t want your place to look bare, it’s best to get table decorations as well. You can choose from candelabras, fresh flower arrangements or even simple rustic pieces. With so many options to choose from, you will certainly find centrepieces that reflect your style and personality.


What’s more romantic than having a string of lights hanging above your head? If you want your celebration to feel intimate and romantic, consider having some lights. Not only will these brighten up your space, these will also make your venue seem happier. Some fairy lights and chandeliers can do wonders for your set up.

Red Carpet

If you want to make a grand entrance on your special day, you should definitely rent a red carpet. This will help you make a loud statement that each and everyone will remember forever, especially your groom. Not to mention, this is a fun way to have people walk down the aisle. Flower girls and your ring bearer will have a guide to follow and they’ll thank you for it.

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