The Different Areas in Website Design

People nowadays use the computer to search for products that they need. As an entrepreneur, it is important to create a webpage for your business so you can promote the product that you sell online. The need to hire a good web designer is crucial because his task is to design a webpage that is visually appealing to the users. Website design is not just about colors, fonts, and graphics, there are other areas in the process of creating a webpage that is why it is highly recommended that you choose a web designer who is knowledgeable on all areas of website design.

1) HTML writer- the Hyper Text Markup Language is the language that is used in the world of internet. It involves directing a user to another link that is of his interest. There are codes and tags that a web designer needs to create so as the user can be transferred to the link that he wants to read about.

2) Graphic design- this area in the website design involves the use of colors, fonts, computer generated images, drawings, among others. The goal is to persuade the users to remain on the webpage, read about it, and hopefully make a purchase.

3) Search engine optimization (SEO)- this is an area in website design where the use of keywords is of absolute importance. The search engines like Google and Yahoo can read a webpage which have strategically located keywords in an article. The task of a web designer is to write an article about the product that is readable by the search engines. The goal is to make the webpage of your business appear on the first half so users can visit it first before the webpage of other companies that offer similar product.


4) Interface design- a good web designer must be highly capable of creating an interface design that is user-friendly. The users must find it easy to ‘communicate’ with the system. For online orders, the user is directed by the system on the steps to follow when placing an order. The users do not communicate with another person but with the machine or the system. An ideal website design should provide an interface design that can be easily understood by the users.

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