Ways To Survive The Summer Heat

We all love summer when we can wear light clothes and spend time outdoors. The only thing we hate during this season is the sweat and heat we feel that’s irritating. The problem doesn’t stop there as summer nights make it impossible to sleep because sweat feels heavy on the sheets. If you want to know how you can survive the summer heat, here are some tips to follow:

Choose cotton

Save your silk or satin clothes for cooler nights and choose the cotton material. This fabric is lightweight so it’s breathable for the skin. It also promotes ventilation and airflow in the bedroom, unlike other materials. You can also change your pillow cases and bed sheet to cotton to make the room even more comfortable.

Turn off lights

If you don’t really need lights at home, you can just turn it off. Since light bulbs give off heat, it contributes to the warmth inside the house. You can just use an accent or task lighting to avoid falling accidents on stairs or hallway.

Avoid alcohol for now

Drinking wine and other liquor dehydrates the body that’s why you feel a kind of heat in your chest whenever you take a sip. Try to avoid drinking those to feel relaxed. Instead, make fruit shakes and lemon water to be refreshed.

Small frequent feeding

Try not to eat large meals to avoid the metabolic heat in your body. What you can do is start a healthy eating habit of small frequent eating. You can eat every 3 hours for a more relaxed metabolism.

Shower more than two times

If you really can’t stand the heat, you can just shower in the morning and at night. This is effective to rinse sweat and feel refreshed during day and night time.

Install air conditioning unit

One easy way to escape summer heat is by getting air conditioning installation. You can use it during the hottest time of the day so you don’t need to constantly shower or go out. Contact air conditioning installation Sunshine Coast service to get started.