Ways To Storm Proof Your House

Even though we can’t avoid bad weather, this article can help you ensure that your property is as prepared as possible with these simple tips:

Take Care of Your Roof

The first thing to take care of is your roof. Without a strong roof, your house is likely to get damaged and as it is exposed to winds, rain, and debris. Start by identifying what type of roof you have. Many homeowners prefer gabled roofs are they are more likely to suffer damage from high winds, so you can opt on that. You can also strengthen these by installing additional braces or putting roof tie downs and anchors. Asking a qualified builder to put galvanised metal and hurricane straps will also help.


Consider adding storm shutters to your windows. This is to protect them from winds and flying debris. Another option is to by changing your original windows for double-pane glass. Just make sure to purchase quality materials to avoid costing you more in terms of replacement. Having low-quality windows are also more prone to damage that can create injury to your family as well.


Whilst trees are beautiful to look at, you need to keep your landscape clean and free from low hanging branches and leaning trees when there’s a storm or hurricane approaching. You can prune these or ask the professionals to do it for you. Moreover, also remove any patio furniture that can get blown.

Rock Wall

Rock wall or brick exteriors, are not only fire-retardant materials but they greatly protect a house from wind and storm debris. Moreover, this can also serve as decoration too. However, you can get all these benefits if you purchase rock wall in Gold Coast. Contact Wise Rockscapes to find out more.

Give Your Home a Checkup

Take a quick walk around your home and look for any damage. Keep an eye out for sagging ceiling, missing shingles, etc. Fixed these properly, to not be a cause of any problems. You can fix minor damage yourself, but the major should work should be handled by the professionals.

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