Ways to Keep Your Home Safe From Storm

Storms can completely devastate your home and turn it in ruins. Luckily, there are some ways that you can do to limit the damage and save on repairs. Here are some:

  • Remove Hanging Branches

Trees and branches are at risk of being blown in a storm should they be trimmed. Don’t neglect this as chances are. They could fall into your house creating damage in your property or injuries to your family. If you don’t have the tools and can’t do this your own, there are many pruning companies that you can call.

  • Deal With Drainage Problems

When you are aware of a storm coming your way, you may want to check and inspect your drainage system. Blocked and leaking drainage can cause flooding that can affect your walls, floors and ruin furniture. This will also cause hazards to your children and vehicles.

  • Inspect Roof

Your roof will protect you against debris, rain, and wind. If this is older than ten years old and there are too many missing shingles, you should replace this even if there’s no storm coming. You should also inspect for any loose nails and check the sheathing.

  • Take Care of Your Outdoor Items

Picnic tables, grills, and patio fixtures should be brought inside your shed or property. Some potted plants should also be secured as these can cause damage or be destroyed by the strong wind.

  • Install Roller Shutters

Once the windows are broken, the wind will surely blow inside not only to destruct your furniture but to cause injuries too. Fortunately, you can prevent that to happen by installing roller shutters.

Aside from being a storm-protector, these can also bring a lot of advantages. They can increase your home security, give you privacy and protect your house from too much heat. It can also limit your air conditioner needs, helping you save more on utility bills. To purchase the best roller shutters, visit Bayside Roller Shutters. Bayside Roller Shutters are based on the Gold Coast of QLD, check the team now.

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