Video production that will have an impact

Video production is one of the fastest growing industries in the world, one with a huge growth potential. This may be attributed to the ongoing paradigm shift from text based media to the much simple and straightforward media of videos. It is true that making a video is not as easy as it looks, but the end product is much easier for the target audience to relate and understand. We are living in a world where people want easy and ready-made solutions through short-cuts; no one desires to struggle too much for anything. Similarly, the world of text requires people to dig in through multiple words in order to get information; the same piece of can be relayed much easily using a video, and all the audience have to do is listen. Interestingly, while information presented in text format may go up to a few pages, the same may be captured in a video and the information is presented in just a few statements This is why quality video production is in such huge demand.

There are few basic things in video production, namely:


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●The production crew – this includes:

-Director – is in charge of the entire production, and if anything does not go well, the director is the one to blame. The director brings in all the elements, to ensure that there is proper coordination in all the production departments.

-Producer – the producer is normally in charge of such tidbits as, scripts, location, casting, dramatizations and other important video elements.

-Props manager – is in charge of all the equipment, such as cameras, sound equipment, lighting equipment and other small but important equipment which are necessary for the success of the whole production team. The props manager facilitates all the other production departments, ensuring that they have all they need at their possession in order to work efficiently.

-Sound engineers

-Camera crew