Bamboo Deck and Garden Privacy Screens

If you are looking for Bamboo Privacy Screens for your Garden or Deck then try our modern Fence Panels.

We also have Bali Huts and Buddha Statues for a tropical Indonesian touch to finish your Garden. Adorn your living space with water features and a Balinese pool.

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Buddha Statues

Buddha statues are usually positioned high in a room to show respect and reverence. Some buddhists believe that by directly worshiping of the buddha image or statue can bring them closer to enlightenment.

They are grey and red stone, smoothly polished and carved and sit on an attached dark colored rough base.

They do have some nicks and chips with age, and specific details are available upon request. We do believe them to be at least 50-100 years old, perhaps more.

Buddha statues are built by imitating other famous Buddha statues around the world.

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Your Very Own Advertising Medium

Compared to traditional methods of advertising, a vehicle signage on your company car is there to stay as long as you want. It is a one-time investment and you don’t have to renew any contracts to ensure that the advertisement is carried on! It is as if you own the advertisement itself and can reap its benefits without spending recurrently on it.

We need to be careful when driving a vehicle to avoid any personal injury.

Vehicle Wraps

Vehicle wraps, just like the other marketing tool like LED signage, ensure constant exposure irrespective of whether you are driving through city streets, town lanes or highways. In fact, statistics show that advertising through vehicle wraps has the potential to reach out to the maximum number of viewers within the shortest time.

You are not dependent on any intermediary agencies who can switch off your ads whenever they want! With advancement in technology, the design options for vehicle wraps are almost limitless and you can easily remove them whenever you want. However, while the wrap is still there, it will definitely protect the underlying paintwork and bodywork (which is just another big advantage).

Experience counts

This form of promotion is still in the primary stage of its growth and hence quite unconventional. Vehicle wraps as a means of business promotion or publicity still remains an untapped potential. Therefore, most of the companies and independent service providers are new to the trade and do not have sufficient experience to take up any sort of vehicle wrap order. So, you should make a shortlist of four to five companies and interview each one of them before you can feel confident on hiring a particular service provider. See Vehicle wraps Sunshine Coast

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