Unique Ways to Make Your Corporate Events Stand Out

Sometimes you need certain tricks to make your company stand out in any corporate events. This way you may have a favourable impression on your clients and other stakeholders in your trade shows, company parties, workshops and other events. In these cases, you may need to incorporate unusual and unique treats to make your event remarkable and memorable for months or years to come.

Nowadays even a “serious” event can provide “serious” fun to your clients, guests and stakeholders. Here are some unique (and sometimes crazy) ideas to make your business look great:

Corporate poem performance – Tired of boring presentation and workshops, why not compose a poem and read it on stage. Whilst poetry is an age-old literary art, its appeal is never lost especially if it is read by expert performers and accompanied by cool, catchy music and breathtaking events.

Corporate ice sculptures – Art masterpieces can wow people and make them say ‘cool’, especially if it is made of ice. So, what if you bring in corporate ice sculptures in the venue? This can be the centrepiece of your cocktail or dinner party, especially during winter.

Carnival parade – Who says carnival is only limited to Rio de Janeiro or show time is limited only to decent clubs? You can bring in a carnival show as an intermission number in your presentation or any event. Just make sure to keep the show safe for general patronage to avoid indecency and other ethical issues.

Corporate photo booth – Photos are now among the most cherished things that people own. With the discovery of photo booth, you can incorporate your corporate branding to the attendees of your corporate event.

Inflatable igloo – Trade shows with the traditional lighting and other props are boring. To be different from your competition, you may need to set up an inflatable igloo and place your products inside. You can also light it up with LED lightings and furniture to make it look more appealing. You can also put in here the corporate ice sculptures of your logo or products to make it more appealing.