Types of Shutter Materials to Choose

There are different materials used to make shutters. If you’re shopping for this window treatment, consider the information below on the best material for shutters.

MDF or Medium Density Fibre

They are known as well as composite or hybrid. This is basically sawdust that is mixed with glue, then formed into the shape that is required. The coating can be from vinyl wrap to painted finish.


• Cost is one of the major advantages. They look almost the same as the wood shutters, but a lot cheaper.
• Highly stable and heavy duty. Can be used for decades and still look good.
• Can resist warping and distortion.

Poly Vinyl Chloride or PVC

It is the extruded empty vinyl. Two things, this material can either be a hollow extrusion or the other one, which has some reinforcement on the interior. It’s easy to match to whatever material you have to wood, metal and plastic.

Foamed synthetic

It is the best choice for a synthetic shutter. It is being manufactured by many companies because it’s heavy duty and at the same time, flexible.


• Fire and water resistant- No need worry about changing weather outside
• Provide great amount of insulation- Perfect for busy streets and neighbourhood
• Non-toxic- Cannot cause any chemical reaction to kids and pets
• When the design comes with an aluminium centre, this will provide a lot more rigid construction, thus may prevent bowing and sagging
• They come in different colours and shapes- Can look personalised because the design is flexible

What’s mentioned above are the basic characteristics of materials used in making shutters. If you were to choose, there are several options like engineered wood, basswood, alder, incense cedar and laminated shutters. It is highly recommended that when choosing the material to use, ask the experts. They know what exactly you need and which material suits your budget.

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