TV Antenna Installation – A Guide

The most common kind of TV antenna today is the dish antenna. This is a parabolic shaped dish. The purpose of the dish is to receive micro waves from satellites. Two bands of microwave signals are used in transmission. The C band, which is slightly outdated, requires a larger dish. The Ku band, which is more modern, can do with a smaller dish. TV antenna installation is certainly a cumbersome process. You may, however, do the job quite successfully if you follow the instructions carefully and keep a level head. You will also need someone to help you. or better yet have a professional Antenna Installers Melbourne

Equipment and Tools Required

The dish antenna system, a ladder, an electric drill and drill bits, a spanner, a wrench, lag screws, zip ties, a level. Most Handyman have tools for this kind of job.


Fixing the Pole

Drill holes onto a rigid part of a vertical face, of the highest part of your building. The antenna should be placed, as high as possible. Other buildings or trees should not obstruct it. Fix the wall mount bracket with the help of the screws, provided with the antenna system. Secure the pole into the wall mount, taking care to keep it absolutely vertical. Use the level for this purpose.

Setting the Antenna

Place the antenna on the mast. Do not fix it right now. Follow the instructions given in the TV antenna installation manual, to insert the co-axial cable into the dish, at the required point. Take it out through another point, again specified in the manual.

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