Tree Lopping: How to Spot Reliable Professionals

Tree lopping is not just about cutting off a part of a tree. It’s also vital for the tree’s health as its maintenance is the key to growing a lush, green foliage.

Professional Tree Lopper

Here are three things to check when hiring loppers:

Proper Equipment

Equipment such as lift trucks, aerial platform, high-tree cutter, pruning shears, gasoline-powered chainsaw and pliers are equipment used in pruning off fresh wounds, damaged branches, extra foliage and dead limbs.

The certified arborist will be lifted with the use of the platform to reach the parts that are too high because using a ladder is not as safe as a lift truck that’s equipped with protective gears. With proper equipment, the lopping process will be safe, sound and quick.

Complies with Safety Standards

A lot of practising arborists do not pay attention to safety when performing the lopping process. To avoid accidents, workers should wear personal protective equipment, hard hat, ear plugs or muffs, long pants, boots and safety glasses when performing the task.

That’s because large branches of trees may fall on them and cause debilitating injuries and even death. The act of simply sawing the branches requires safety precautions since the branches are cut off from a certain height.

And when an accident occurs, they must also be able to perform first aid on the affected workers and to communicate effectively with medics.

Environmentally Concerned

Being concerned for the environment is a non-negotiable requirement for a tree lopping company. Inadequately pruned branches will lead to dangerous overgrowth for some trees and aids in a much faster deterioration of its health – which you don’t want to happen. In turn, it will cost you a lot of money to remove them from your lawn and planting a seedling as its replacement.

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