Trademark Registration

Types of Trademarks

Fanciful trademark is a symbol/word that is 100% original and did not pre-exist in any language or form. A good example is Xerox. Fanciful trademarks are safe as they have no previous records of use.

Arbitrary trademarks are existing words which have no direct connection with the concerned product/service. For example “Apple” is the name of a common fruit but it becomes a very strong brand in the context of computers.

Suggestive trademarks are words or symbols which require imagination to link it to the particular product/service. A courier service named “Greyhound” would require the user to think that the courier service would be as fast as a hound.

All above mentioned types of trademarks have strong strengths in terms of safety and unique identity. It’s better to stick to these types and avoid descriptive and generic trademarks. Descriptive trademarks are words which have a direct visible connection to the product/service such as “Delicious” cakes. These trademarks are protectable only when they have been used or a long time. Generic trademarks are worse as they consist of terms which are commonly used by other parties for descriptive purposes.