Exhibition Displays

One important part of your marketing strategies is setting your goals and objectives, you must be able to identify the role that business trade show will play, if you are able to do this then you will be able to do your trade show promotions effectively.

Joining Trade show is a marketing approach wherein you can interactively engage with prospective customers and business contacts. Most business that participates in trade shows follow three marketing strategies.

Marketing Strategies in Trade Show

The first strategy is Invitation. In this phase, as a marketing planner for the trade show, you will conduct invitations to current and prospective customers, suppliers and business contacts. There are many ways to invite people to attend the trade show exhibits; you may do this through phone calls, emails and letters. Include in your invitation your products and services, your booth location, venue and schedule of the trade event. Your invitation must encourage your clients and business contact to attend the trade show and visit your booth. You may also include this info in your website and social network site to reach more audience.

The second strategy is your marketing style and gimmicks during the trade show. This includes your trade show display and set-up. You can have audio visuals and product giveaways. You may also serve foods or snacks. It is also important that the person you will assign to man your booth has outstanding PR that will attract people and entertain customers to meet their satisfaction.

Be sure to apply these marketing strategies when you join Perth Bridal Expo.


The activities and gimmicks you have at your booth like small water fountains, will reflect how your company work and how you provide satisfaction to customers. It displays not only your products like privacy screens and service but also sets your business impression that would encourage clients to transact and do business with you.

The third strategy is follow-up. The trade show event may be over but your job doesn’t stop there, there must be continuity of marketing. One way to encourage clients is how you acknowledge and appreciate the time they spent with your activities during the trade show. After the event, you can send note and company pamphlets to your booth visitors, this act will suggest how committed you are in doing business with them. There are many channels of follow-up that you can do written note, phone call, email, and social media.

Connecting with your prospective clients and being consistent will make way for sales!