Top Things to do in Mallorca

Ready for your next vacation? Mallorca is the best place to visit. Here are the other things you can do during your stay here:

Enjoy the Beach – Whether you want to a quietly lay in the sun or you want to enjoy the waves with the other tourists, Mallorca can give you all that. This place has 26 beaches you can explore. All of them offer fine sand and blue water. You also don’t have to worry about the accommodation as there are hotels located near the beach front.

Discover Palma de Mallorca – Palma the capital of this place is a city famous for its rich history and photo-worthy architecture. In fact, this is considered as the world’s best place to visit and live by The Sunday Times in 2015. Some of the must-see galleries and museums to go are Es Baluard and Palau March.

Visit a winery – For wine lovers, you must visit Mallorca as it has more than 70 bodegas that are open for tours and wine tasting. Aside from that, you can also a picnic in the vineyard.

Go Shopping – From your favourite designer, down to the product of the locals, you surely find something here that will suit your style. There are many stores and boutiques you can find in the streets so you don’t have to worry about your shopping experience.

Get Sporty – Aside from kitesurfing, diving and jet-skiing, you can also try the popular stand-up paddle surfing water sports. You can also explore the island using a motorboat or a yacht. These are easy to learn and can be tried by the whole family.

Luxury Day Spa – Pamper yourself with elegant service of some famous spa in the area. Not only you can get rid of the stress but the place also offers spectacular city views and a variety of cocktails and wines.

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