Top 3 Maintenance Tips for Plantation Shutters

Have you observed how old and torn your window coverings are? You may need to replace them immediately. One great replacement option is plantation shutters. However, you shouldn’t completely forget about them after their installation. You must regularly care for them by not forgetting to do these things:

  • Clean Thoroughly

When you clean the items, you shouldn’t only wipe them with a microfibre cloth for a few minutes. That won’t remove the dust particles that landed on the slats. You should use a vacuum cleaner and thoroughly clean each slat to make sure all the dust particles are removed. Furthermore, this should be done regularly as dust particles that have stayed on the slats for a long time are hard to remove.

  • Avoid Using Soapy Water

Whenever you decide to clean your plantation shutters, you must follow manufacturer’s instructions. You must never assume a cleaning method is correct just because it works in your other home items. The method you must avoid is using soapy water because it will do more harm than good. The correct cleaning method is using a vacuum cleaner or a microfibre cloth at least twice a month.

  • Apply Quick Inspections

Once a month, you must give the items a thorough once-over to ensure all the areas are properly cleaned out. Besides, when you clean them with a microfibre cloth, it’s possible you’ll miss some spots. That won’t be the case when you give it a once-over as you’ll be confident everything is covered.

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