Upgrade Your Bathroom With These Tips

If you want to renovate your bathroom without spending too much, then you should follow these tips:


Revive your bathroom look with a mirror. Not only the design of the frame can add appeal to your interior but this can also create an illusion that your place is big. This will also add natural lights that can make the room brighter. You just need to place this in an area that it will reflect more light.

Change Towel Rail, Soap Holder, Etc.

Whilst these might be simple but changing your old towel rail, soap holder and other accessories can make your bathroom stand out from the rest. With a variety of styles and finishes available today, rest assured that you can find the perfect fixtures for your area. However, when choosing, you should consider the function too and not just the look. There are many companies that offer accessories for bathrooms so make a research first. If you are in in Australia, your best choice is Bathroomware House.


Paint is the cheapest way to transform your bathroom. You can paint it white to make it cleaner or paint the walls and cabinets with spearmint green to create a spa feeling. You can also use different colour depending on your choice. Just make sure that it will blend well with your other fixtures


Instead of stressing yourself over grout, just change your old tiles with mosaic tiles. These can be made of glass, metal or porcelain. You can have squares hexagons, circles or even chipped pieces. This is also perfect if want to give your area a very medieval look as you install metal tiles.

Replace Cracked or Broken Tile.

Even a single cracked or broken tile can ruin your interior. Moreover, they can cause injury too. So, replace the tile immediately before it creates damage. Just clean the area first, apply the tile and put mortar to set it in place.