Tips On Making Your Own Floral Arrangement

Whilst hiring a florist is ideal in making the perfect flower arrangement for any occasion, you can do this task yourself. All you need is a creative mind and a flaming desire to make works of art through blooms. Here are some tips for making your own arrangement:

Have fun in holding their petals – Flowers are durable than they look. So, you can be bold whilst handling them with care. Most species have survived the harsh elements of nature. Have fun in holding them.

Arrange them on a bar-height table – At this height, you can easily find the sections where you need adjusting and arranging. Arranging them on any table higher or lower than your eyes can make it hard for you to see the arrangement at various vantage points.

Build a base – Use chicken wire for this purpose as they can hold the stems in place. Bend a small area of the chicken wire and fit it inside the vase or other containers. It can also help in keeping the flowers stabilised in the water when the final product is on display.

Begin by placing greens – Leaves of the flowers are prone to rot faster. As such, you need to strip away the leaves from the stem. As replacements of the leaves, use greens and foliage that are more resilient to water. Put them first as they create the primary shape of the arrangement.

Create depth with colour combinations – At this stage, you can now add the blooms. Begin placing small buds and flowers that act as fillers, then add some huge and bold blooms in areas where they can create the greatest impact, just like a professional florist.

Consider the scale of your project – The scale of materials you use in your arrangement depends on how many stems your container can hold. You should also consider the height of your project. If you’ll place the arrangement on a table, make sure your guests will see one another. As a guide, the arrangement should not be taller than the distance between your fist and elbow.

See it from various vantage points – Your arrangement should look wonderful wherever you look at it. As such you need to check your design from different viewpoints.

But if it is for a special occasion, leave it to florist Rockhampton so you can enjoy the event rather than stressing yourself with the arrangements.

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