Tile Cleaning Techniques Restore Your Home’s Appeal

Tile flooring is indeed hard to clean especially if the grime has already built up. If you are having a hard time removing them, you are left with no other choice but to replace the tiles altogether. However, prevention is always better than cure. You can still prevent dealing with tough stains by following the appropriate tile cleaning practice.

How To Keep Your Tiles Clean And Dirt-Free?

Avoid using too much water


You can contaminate your tile and grout when you use too much water. Make sure you avoid heavy wet mopping and clean the tile flooring with damp mop instead. You are increasing the probability of dirt accumulation when water is not completely extracted from the floor. Even if you only use damp mop, you can still remove stains.

Do not leave strong chemicals on tiles

Another tile cleaning mistake you should avoid is leaving chemicals on tiles for the belief that it can kill germs and remove dirt. Chemical residues will build up overtime and this, results in dirt accumulation. Make sure you rinse off chemicals with water so potential damage caused by chemical residue can be prevented. If you clean your tiles regularly, there is no need to use harmful chemicals.


Take time to check the label

Some cleaning products are deemed your tile flooring’s number one enemy and should be avoided at all cost if you want to extend your tile’s life span. Make sure you read the label before buying cleaning products. When your tiles are already damaged, you might have a hard time restoring them.

Deal with bathroom stains using homemade recipes

When it comes to cleaning your bathroom tiles, nothing beats combining baking soda, vinegar and water. Simply place the recipe in a spray bottle and apply them on areas that needed cleaning. The purpose of vinegar is to de-grease tiles while baking soda removes odors and scours. You can also leave the solution on the tiles for one minute so dirt and stains will be fully dissolved. If you want a more powerful concoction, you can also try mixing a paste of bleach with soda. Let the mixture sit for an hour before you wash it off.

It is better to vacuum or sweep your tiled floors daily so you can prevent dirt from accumulating. Even spills must be immediately removed using damp mop or wet cloth. You will no longer have to dedicate longer hours once you follow simple tile cleaning tips and keep your tiles in check.

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