Things You Need to Know About Laminate Timber Flooring

Laminate timber flooring is made of several layers of wood that are thinly cut to pieces and are glued together using grains running parallel to each layer. Using a sheet of paper that has a photographic image of wood grains pasted on top, the plastic is laminated to the final sheet. It looks almost the same as original hardwood that is why many households are considering this instead.


• The many benefits of laminated timber flooring have made it a popular choice among homeowners. Affordability is one—this looks exactly like the real “timber flooring”, but cheaper.

• The ease of installation is another factor.  It does not require a professional to do the job as even homeowners themselves can easily install it. Basic knowledge in carpentry is more than enough for one to perform the installation.

• Maintenance is another reason why people choose this type of flooring. Simple mopping can bring back the shine of this type of floor. There is no need for waxing or sanding to maintain it.  Keeping your floors always shiny is no sweat with laminated floors.


• Since it is not the real one, the lifespan of this type is not as long as the ones made of real hardwood. This is expected. But, since it’s more affordable, changing the entire flooring will not hurt your budget that much.

• Another disadvantage is that it can easily get scratched or damaged. When this happens, there is no other way to fix it but change the entire flooring. You cannot expect the same durability and sustainability of real hardwood from the laminate. What you can only compare between the two is aesthetics and feel.

There are many types of floorings aside from laminate timber flooring, there is also bamboo flooring that is also known for its quality. To know more about floorings just contact iFlooring for more information.