Things to Consider During Removals

There are many companies in Australia that facilitate removals. It is just a matter of considering all necessary factors to ensure that you are dealing with the right company offering this type of service. When dealing with a company for your removals, you must think about:


Keeping precious valuables with you

Yes, you may be dealing with the most trusted moving company, yet keeping your precious valuables is suggested. Jewellery and ID cards are not recommended to leave in their safekeeping. It is not that you do not trust them, but it is better that you keep them with you. Some expensive items such as rings are too small that losing in the truck is highly possible.

Being specific with date and time

Pick up the date and time when your things are delivered and where it will arrive at your new site. It is not enough that you know your belongings will arrive safe, but you should also determine the expected date and time you are getting them.

Nevertheless, in case of a delay, they should contact you for any updates and tell you the whereabouts of your properties.

Giving specific instructions

Provide them instructions as required, they would never know unless you will tell them. Tell them:

• Which are fragile items that need extra care
• When and where you want them to deliver the items
• Specific instructions as to who will receive the items on your behalf, in case you are not there
• Which items must be boxed together

Even if you are entrusting your belongings to the most reputable company, listing all your items is a must. List down each item that they are loading on and unloading from the truck. Assign someone to list all items they unload on their truck if you are not on the new site. This is a way of making sure that they do not miss unloading any object, whether intentional or unintentional.

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