Termite Treatment Methods For Your Home

Termites are among the most dreaded pests in any home. These tiny critters have attacked countless Australian homes, making them the most dreaded insect species for homeowners. These pests can cause grave damages to any home. Worse, it can destroy the foundation and support structure of most houses, making them more vulnerable to fall at any moment.

Though termite infestation alone is not enough to cause a house to fall, the damages they cause are enough reason to worry about the structural integrity of your house. Worse, these pests also feed on cellulose found in the insulation of old electrical wires, making them prone to short circuits and other domestic fires.

How can we exterminate these critters in our house? Here are two do-it-yourself (DIY) termite treatment methods used in many homes:

Use of liquid termiticide – These chemical mixtures can be very lethal to termites and can deliver quick results. Apply the finished solution of liquid termiticide near the source of the infestation by drilling a hole near the affected area. Just be sure to follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer, especially concerning its safety. This is usually made of very toxic chemicals that are harmful to your family. Moreover, the potency of the chemicals only lasts for a few years. This means you need to reapply the method once again in the coming years.

Termite baits – Another common termite treatment method is the use of baits. Most experts believe this is the safer and more sustainable way. Instead of injecting chemicals into the ground, you can put the termite bait directly into the soil around the exterior of the structure where these tiny critters will feed and die. The technology of this method is improving rapidly over the years.

Whilst you can apply these termite treatment methods by yourself, you need the help of termite treatment specialists from Brisbane to make sure your house is protected from these little insects. In finding the right company for the job, you need to choose the one that uses the most advanced and innovative termite treatment solutions for the task.

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