Things to Assess Before Starting a Coffee Van Business

You may have a lot of business ideas in mind, but you are probably leaning towards getting a coffee van. Why not? Almost everyone loves coffee and unique ideas as such can be more interesting for people. But before anything else, it is necessary that you assess important considerations first before finally putting up this business. Here are some things to assess before starting a coffee van business:


• How much can you afford to shell out?
• Do you have enough money to sustain operational expenses?
• Do you need financial support from a bank or financial institution?
• Is your budget enough to get a franchise or independent business?

Target market

Know your target market. This will help you market your business effectively. From your target market, you can perform an analysis before you start your venture. Do a research that can help you better promote and operate your business. Do a survey from your pool of target market and ask questions such as:

• How frequently do you take coffee in a day?
• Where do you usually buy your coffee?
• How much is your budget per cup?
• What flavours interest you more?
• What are you looking for in a coffee shop/van?
• How likely would you try unknown brands?


Know where you plan to put or park your coffee van. When considering the location, it is necessary that you:

• Park it where your target market usually stays
• Consider convenience and accessibility
• Check on competitors nearby
• Know the time of the day or day of the week when the area is more populated

Who will man the coffee van?

Are you leaving your full-time work and focusing on your venture or will you hire an employee to man your van? It is not highly recommended that you leave your day job unless the business is stable. In case you plan to hire someone to manage your business on your behalf, you need to make sure you hire someone you trust. Do the following:

• Perform background checking
• Consider drug testing
• Ask for recommendations