Things You’re Specialist Makeup Artist Wants You to Know

Getting your bridal look done is a fun experience, especially on special days such as your wedding day. You may need to invest in a specialist makeup artist for various reasons. It could be to get a perfect bridal look, not having to worry about which products to use, and just staying relaxed on your special day.

Makeup Artist

Here are things these artists wish you knew:

Makeup Artist take good care of your skin

Since you have an upcoming wedding to prepare for, try adding a few extra steps in your skincare routine.

For example, instead of just washing your face and going to sleep immediately, try toning and moisturising cream after. You can even use a little of eye cream and serum along the way. After all, you’re aiming for a radiant look on your special day, might as well work hard for it.

Let them work on a bare face

Remember, makeup artists don’t come cheap. Because they invest in pigmented, safe and quality products to provide their clients with quality service.

MUAs know which products go well with each other and are perfect for your skin type. In fact, they can even teach you how to apply makeup better to avoid creasing and product build up.

Stay still

One of the factors in choosing a makeup artist is finding someone you’re comfortable with. Remember, your MUA wants to give you a flawless look, and staying still helps achieve it.

Don’t be shy to voice out your opinion

Neither you nor your makeup artist wants you to look bad or awkward on your wedding day. So, if there’s any part of your look that you’re unhappy with, speak up about it.

But learn to trust the process as well. You might look pale at first, but that might just be because of the base makeup. Wait until your MUA starts playing with different shades.

Be considerate

Being cool-headed no matter how difficult or demanding a client is a trait these professionals should have to stay in their career. As a client, you should be considerate of them by being not very demanding.

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