Spa Design and Massage therapy

Spa design

Design Boutique Spa in Brisbane

The boutique, located in central place in Brisbane CBD. The boutique includes stations of pedicure, manicure, professional makeup and cosmetics. The goal as interior designer was to create classic space, pleasant and modern and bring something new clear label into the place.

The standard pedicure sinks sinks looks simple from aspect, but on the other hand they are very expensive. Therefor i was looking for sane options with reasonable prices.

Massage therapy

Mobile Massage – Massage Brisbane & Massage Gold Coast

Relaxing, comforting massage in your house, in comforting atmosphere and at the place you most like and safe in. A perfect treatment for the body and soul. Massage that all it existence is to relax the body and give it some rest from the everyday life rush.

Ordering massage Brisbane & Gold Coast a certified therapist of mobile therapy treatments will come to your house set with experience, treatment bed, candels, calming music – for a session of spoiling therapy.



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