Take customer feedback

Taking customer feedback will give you a fair idea about the quality of skip bins supplied by skip bin hire service. Talk to firms and buildings that are using or have used this service before. A good skip bin hire service will have testimonials listed on their website. Use it as a means to choose a skip bin hire service.

Installing a bathroom vanity involves a lot of plumbing work. Tampering with the plumbing system by an inexperienced person may cause a lot of damage. This can lead to a lot of escalated costs and added hassle.

How to choose a skip bin hire service?

It is always better to choose a skip bin hire service in your locality. This ensures that you get the skip bins when required and emptying and replacing them would be easy. An important thing to remember is to check whether the skip bin hire service gives you the proper container for disposal. Ensure that the bin complies with industrial standards of disposal. This is mandatory as the bin shouldn’t be affected by the waste put inside it.

A cabinet maker will give you the design, building and size of the vanity while a plumber will install the basin and the fittings. A professional vanity installer will provide you an all in one service and you do not have to face the hassle of repeatedly contacting various workmen.

Ask for quotation and license


Ask the skip bin hire service for quotation stating cost of hire skip bin per day, month or year according to your requirement. Quotations are important because they make sure that you don’t end up paying more than you are supposed to. Ensure that all the relevant details are mentioned in the quotation. Skip bins rental is licensed by the state and all its equipments comply with the standards.

Professional vanity installers generally provide free maintenance service up to a fixed period. If you are experiencing any trouble with your vanity post installation, you can contact the installers to help you out.

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