Signs it’s Time to Replace Your Turf

The yard or garden makes the house appealing —that is, if you regularly maintain or clean it. But if you don’t, expect unpleasant damage on plants, grass and trees. Here are some signs that it’s time to replace your turf:

Open spots

Have you ever seen a yard with open spots? If you have visitors coming over and they can see this, they might think you’re an irresponsible homeowner. That’s why you need proper maintenance on the garden and avoid having bald, open spots.


Nobody wants to live in a house full of pests. These microorganisms breed in a place with moisture to multiply. They can attack the structure of your home including wood, fabric and even plants. Not only that, pests can contaminate food and water supply and cause even bigger problems. That’s why when you’ve seen pests in the yard, immediately call for help. There are pest control services you can avail for an affordable price.

Poor drainage

Do you get a constant problem with your drainage? Maybe the error is not inside the house but found outdoors. The roots of the tree might be poking the water lines so better replace the lawn to make everything back to normal. Contact a reliable plumber to assist you with it. Also, get instant turf services to bring back the beauty of your yard.

Poor quality grass

This is an obvious sign that it’s time to replace your lawn. You can also check dirt spots to see if the yard is already abused. Don’t think twice if you’ve already seen major damage. There are cheap lawn replacement services you can check online. Check the reviews and testimonials from their past customers before hiring them.