Garden sheds

Garden sheds are meant to contain all the garden equipment, garden furniture, push bikes, outdoor games of the kids and other stuff that is just not comfortable to hold inside the house. With Spanbilt every garden shed is built medullary.


Patio (form spanish Patio means “back garden” or “garden”) it is a outdoor space that is usually use for meals or an event that is near the house and is usually paved. Patios can also relate to closed garden. Here in Australia the meaning of the word Patio means very often to any kind of outdoor terrace.


Carport is exactly the element that will keep your car from sun damages. The strong Australian sun doesn’t cause damages only humans in health and in aesthetic appearance but also causing a lot of damages to furniture, equipment and basically any thing that is under long exposure under the sun.

Your car is always under the strong, hot sun and practically the level of damage the sun cause to our car is enormous and sever. Carports are the way to prevent that damage.

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