Ways To Save On Your Electricity Bills

Currently reducing energy cost is a necessity. As we are realising the dangers global warming brings to anyone’s lives. Aside from having bizarre weather patterns, we are now experiencing hotter and hotter summers, especially in coastal areas.

Warmer temperatures are also felt even during winter. These changes in temperature require us to take actions to keep our house comfortable. One of the best ways to do this is by installing air conditioning units.

But this electrical appliance is one of the worse consumers of energy at home. Electrical bills shoot up during summer because of the intensified use of air conditioners. So how can you save and contribute to reducing carbon blueprint? Here are some ways how:

Use energy-efficient window coverings – Screening sunlight is important to reduce the temperature in your home. Using white shades of curtains, blinds, plantation shutters, awnings and other installation to cover your windows from the sun’s glare.

Use outdoor grill instead of using indoor stove or oven – You can also use smaller and more energy-efficient cooking appliances such as microwave ovens. This move will keep your kitchen cool by reducing the heat generated inside the home.

Use clothes dryer or dishwasher later in the evening – These appliances are known to generate heat. Using them during the day can make the room hotter. You can also dry your clothes or dishes naturally.

Use an electric fan on cooler times – Sometimes using fans are good at promoting air flow inside the home and keep you cool. During the night, use standing fans to suck in evening cool air. To keep the ventilation inside the room, use a ceiling fan. Adjust the window covering during the day to keep your room shaded from the sun.

If you have air conditioning units, set the temperature between 25-27 degrees Celsius when the house is occupied and 28 degrees if your house is vacant for at least four hours – Also, turn it off if you’re gone for more than 24 hours. You can also consult air conditioning experts on what unit to purchase that will help you save on your monthly bills.

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