How To Clean Your Rugs

Rugs are one of the most decorative items that we can put in our house. And as we all know, rugs are quite expensive so as much as possible, if we own some rugs, we want it to last long so that we can see our money’s worth and of course so that we can use it more and the fact that we do not want to change items every now and then, our rugs should be well taken cared so that we will not be needing any replacement any time soon. But our rugs should be regularly cleaned as well and most of the time, the cleaning process is the one that damages the rugs. But this is just if the one cleaning it is inexperienced or does not know how to clean a rug properly.

So for you to be able to clean your rug well and in a manner that will not damage it here are some steps that you can follow.

1. Vacuum the rug from front to back.

One of the best ways to ensure that the rug is properly cleaned and dusted out is not to vacuum the front part only but to do both sides of the rug. This is because when you vacuum cleaner the back part of the rug with a rotating brush, the dust in the back part of the rug will be pushed down to the front part of the rug so when you start to vacuum the front part, you will be able to suck out all the dust that have been on the back part of the rug as well. This is surely very efficient because cleaning both sides will ensure that the rug will be dust free.

2. Put a carpet shampoo.

You can use a carpet shampoo to clean your rug but make sure that you have checked the shampoo first before applying it on the rug since there are shampoos that are too strong for rug causing it to be damaged. If you have any doubt that it will, then refrain from using it, but if it is just okay then make sure that after cleaning the rug with the carpet shampoo, remove the entire shampoo residue on the carpet. Make sure that no residue will be left since if there are, this residue will attract more dirt, thus, you will be cleaning your rug again in just a few days time. Also, you first need to try the shampoo on a white towel so that you will be able to know if the colour will bleed on the rug or not.

3. Remove the stains as soon as they are spilled on the rug.

For you not to have a hard time in cleaning your rug, as soon as you notice that there is a stain on it, you should remove it using damp cloth so that it will not stick to the rug long enough for it to become difficult to remove. It will surely be easy for you to do so.

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