Full time and part time real estate agents

Real Estate Agent’s Character

Make sure that the agent follows ethical practices and has not been involved in any frauds. That is the most important attribute of a real estate agent.

As the dealings move forward, the relationship between the two of you will turn into a long-term one. Hence trust is an essential factor. He should be able to completely represent and protect your interests whether you want to buy or sell your property. If you are looking for a trustworthy real estate agent, check http://jacobspartners.com.au/.

Good market analyst

Your real estate agent should be well aware of the market prices and deals. He should be thorough with all the laws, rules and regulations of the real estate industry. When your dream house is up for sale, he should get an intimation of it immediately and quickly proceed to survey it whether its in good condition or if it needs a lot of renovations. He should be able to analyze the entire market scenario so that you pay only what the property is worth and not more than that.

Thorough knowledge of the property

An agent must be able to give you a complete roundup of the surroundings in which your future home is going to be and make sure that matches your interests. He should have a well-connected network through which he can find out the history and valuation of a property.

He must know why the property is for sale and if there is anything goofy about the deal, he should warn you about it. In case he represents you to sell your property, he should be convincing and charming enough to get you the best price for your asset.

Real estate agents should be such that you can completely trust and can build a long-term relationship with them. They should help you with not only through the deal but also after it in getting trustworthy repairmen, electricians, Building Inspectors, etc.


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