Qualities of Good Timber to Look For

For many years, humans use logs and wood to build their homes. The love for this material have extended to this modern age when alternative materials in building homes like concrete and steel are cropping up.

Nowadays, we rarely see wooden houses being built. Timber is usually restricted to flooring and some minimal portions of your home such as ceilings, floors, doors, cupboards and cabinets. Many furniture items such as couches, tables, chairs and stands are still made of wood.

However, some timber products are inferior in quality. Many timber suppliers use preservation and cost-cutting measures as reasons for the decline in production of wood panels. Yet, we can still buy wooden materials that are of superior quality. Here are some qualities of good hardwood for your home:

Hardness – Top-grade lumber is resistant to deterioration and damages.

Sturdiness – Quality hardwood has enough strength to carry heavy structural loads without breaking.

Toughness – Lumber is one of the toughest materials for building houses, especially if they come from species that produces hardwood.

Elasticity – Heavy-duty wood can return to its original shape even after the removal of loads. This quality is important in floating wooden floorboards.

Durability – Top-grade timber is resistant to attacks of parasites such as fungi and worms. They can also withstand changes in weather and extreme temperatures.

Has fine fibres and structure – You can judge the strength and durability of wood by knocking on them. It should emit a clear ringing sound when struck. Those that give dull heavy sound may be an indication of internal decay. Moreover, you must see to it that its annual rings are even in shape and colour.

Appearance – Most hardwoods are dark-coloured. Light-coloured timbers are generally weak.

Weight – Hardwoods are denser and more durable.

To get the highest grade of timber for your home, you should order them from reputable timber suppliers from Western Australia. As such, always check out the background of such companies. You must be sure that these businesses are manned by expert loggers and other professionals who are well-versed in the field of lumber.

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