Kinds of Public Liability Claims

You run the risk of getting electric shock from loosely hanging electric cables or wires. Injuries or wounds could be caused by things or items being dropped from heights in public buildings or premises, impediments such as skip bins and litter bins that have not been placed properly.

You could be bogged down with injuries if you run into fences or balustrades in a state of disrepair. You might slip or trip over a wet or slimy surface or floor in your work area, have a fall while climbing the flight of steps. You could experience a slip & fall accident while working on the roof of an office building.


Information regarding public liability

Generally speaking, if you’re personally injured while you’re on public premises, you might have a case for claiming compensation. It is mandatory for the owner of the property or the individual who’s responsible for its upkeep to go for a comprehensive public liability insurance coverage.

If you’re successful in winning the damages lawsuit, you’ll receive your payment from the returns of the insurance policy. Since there are time limitations or restrictions for filing public liability claims, you’d have to surrender your right for claiming compensation if there is an inordinate delay.

What to do after getting injured in a public area?

Of course, you’d need medical treatment and care if you injure or hurt yourself on public premises after you have brought the mishap to the notice of the property owner. After you have recovered sufficiently, you should start looking for a personal injury solicitor.

Keep all papers and documents relating to the accident like medication bills, medical certificate from the physician, names, addresses, and contact numbers of witnesses in a folder or dossier for ready reference.

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