Bamboo Privacy Screens

In need of Bamboo Privacy Screens for your yard or deck, Bamboo Designs has modern Bamboo Screens to secure your privacy or divide your living space.

Cheap with Quality

Privacy screens are often forced to choose between bland design and a high price tag.

The skilled team in our Bali manufactory only accept the highest quality black bamboo sourced from the natural, renewable resources in the jungles of west java.

We know this is most important for the production of a sufficiently high standard of bamboo products.
We are proud to support Australian and Balinese jobs, with permanent staff on the ground in Asia, overseeing the construction of our high quality.



Deck Screens

Privacy screens are used both in the yard and even in urban environments to screen a deck or balcony. In the yard you can plant shrubs near the privacy screens to make them more opaque than vertical balusters once your plants start growing. Maybe your plants will make for a better view than the neighbours, anyway.

The lattice work will encourage your plants to climb, providing you with both privacy and an elegant outdoor setting to socialize or just to relax. Ultimately, you’ll want a combination of trellis planters, built-in privacy screens and folding privacy screens to satisfy your outdoor privacy needs.

Planting several layers of varied foliage around your screen is an appealing alternative to creating a single privacy screen. You can eventually replace them with a Bamboo fence or leave them in place permanently if you like their look.

Privacy Screens

Privacy screens are becoming more and more popular as we settle into urban living. The desire for a bit of seclusion, serenity, and personal life in our own yards can be solved with bamboo privacy screens. Urban Range offers a huge variety of styles. Please visit the website Blinds to find out more. If you desire better atmosphere you can always look for online lights to get the best results.

Privacy screens are a good way to decorate your patio, and also give you a sense of privacy and comfort.

They are used for the purpose of sheltering a specific area and obstructing the view of and the sound of passersby, neighbours, and traffic. When used in the yard they can be a main focal point to build your garden around. A privacy screen certainly brings attractiveness to the house. Moreover, it also contributes to the house’s protection and privacy aspect.

Privacy screens are made with a cedar wood frame and bamboo pole infill. Each individual panel measures approximately 18″ wide and come in sand, burgundy, green, pacific blue, yellow, black, sage, and terra cotta colours. Privacy screens are easy to assemble (approximately 20 minutes) and are a beautiful and practical addition to any yard, patio, deck or home.

Privacy is important for every individual, and so does protecting your ideas and name, consult an Australian patent attorney.

Screen Portability

You can arrange the movable privacy panels to block off a secluded area of your yard or to hide compost piles, air-conditioning units or other unattractive features.

This versatile product provides a natural and beautiful finish to yards, gates, and almost any indoor or outdoor application giving a warm and homely tropical look and feel to any area.

You can mount your privacy screen to your Bali hut, where it will be very similar structurally to a railing, or you can drive stakes into the ground, basically making a taller screen with balusters that are closer together. Balusters, when placed close together, will look almost as opaque as a wall from a distance, while still allowing you to see through them to the outside world. For some locations, a trellis planter may be an ideal solution.

For your permanent outdoor privacy screens, you may choose to buy ready-to-assemble patio screens. They are highly portable and a screen can be chosen to accent any decor. It’s a simple matter to rearrange the privacy screens if you don’t like your initial configuration.

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