Most Popular Types Of Blinds

For most interior designers, a home is barren without the right home improvement items. To enhance the beauty of any home, they recommend putting up decorative items that also have their benefits to any room. One of such items is blinds.

As a kind of window covering, blinds provide many benefits to any home. They can reduce the entrance of sunlight as well as limit the airflow and muffle the noise from the outside. Combine all these benefits and add to them their decorative properties and you have a home improvement item that interior designers want to put up in any room.

But there is no doubt that this window covering type can improve the design of your home, you still need to choose which model to use. In Australia, there are three most popular types available in the market – Venetian, Roman and roller blinds.

Venetian – This type is made of horizontal planks, usually wood or plastic, and suspended by cords that allow every slat to be rotated, making it extremely adjustable. This feature provides every homeowner accurate control on the amount of light entering the room as well as the level of privacy that you have.

Roman – This variant is made of soft translucent fabric that provides partial control of the room’s lighting and airflow. Design-wise, they provide style and sophistication to any room making them great for improving the aesthetics of your room. Just make sure you don’t install them on wet rooms.

Roller blinds – This type uses a hardened fabric that can be rolled up on a tube when unused. With its simple mechanism, it is easy to operate and are affordable. But don’t be fooled by its simplistic design as most of its materials are durable and can last for long.

All these types of blinds have their pros and cons. To find out what’s best for your house, you need to consult with an interior designer or suppliers such as Wizzblinds. They have a wide range of different types of quality products. They have also an experienced and highly professional team that handle the installation of all products.

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