Two Of The Most Popular Termite Treatment Types

There are many known termite treatments, but two of the most known are liquid termite treatment and the termite baiting system. Here are some in-depth descriptions of each:

Liquid termite treatments

This is considered the oldest treatment method but can give you fast results. They are using liquid pesticide to perform the treatment. There are newer treatments being introduced in the market today, but others still go back to the old ways. By using ‘termiticide’, they will create a barrier surrounding the property so that all termites cannot pass and start their colony.

What are its advantages

• It is intended to provide and give immediate protection to the overall structure of the building.
• They are viable to last for years when used in soil.
• Those non-repellant termiticides can eliminate the issues of those termites locating and search for ‘gaps’.
• This is one of the cheapest termite treatment system, thus highly recommended to those who are looking for savings and effectivity.

Termite baiting system

This is another way to kill termites other than using the available liquid treatments. While using chemicals may only create a barrier for termites not to pass and enter a structure, baiting system knocks down the entire colony to ensure that termites will all be gone.

What are its advantages

• You can reduce the population of the pest in one blow.
• Even when the treatment on soil is effective, this system provides additional work to ensure that monitoring and prevention of termites will happen.
• This system requires fewer or minimum disruptions than conventional treatment methods, since the solutions or bait solutions to be used are located outside most of the time.
• This can be used for early detection of the pests, thus preventing them from a complete infestation in your home.

Depending on your aims, you can avail these treatment methods by most pest control companies. Just make sure you hire termite treatment service.