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Bamboo Designs can help you edge your Balinese gardens. We have available bamboo, coconut and other materials to edge your gardens.

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Garden Edging Ideas

Garden edging designs are limited only by your imagination, and if your imagination is limited, then visit our showroom for ideas.

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Glass balustrade Brisbane

Pool fence purchase only through Visit Glass.

Glass pool fence Brisbane should be safe, designed and in great price, do not compromise on less than that, even if the price is tempting, if you already doing a fence better it looked good and be incorporated in the garden view.

Glass balustrade Brisbane Glass pool fence is been done by Visit Glass and should be installed correctly and here the job itself is important from any other element since if the process is being done in amateur the fence will fall apart after short period, professional job and you can enjoy the glass fence for many years.

Benefits of Pool Fencing

If you have small children in the house, it’s absolutely necessary to install a pool fence to ensure their safety. Kids might otherwise accidentally fall into the pool and severely harm themselves. The same holds true if you have pets in the house. You wouldn’t want any of them wandering around your pool where they might slip and fall. There is also the added problem of your pets dirtying the pool water with their droppings or animal waste. Removable fences have child proof latching systems and are extremely sturdy in nature. They are manufactured by professional pool fencers to suit the shape and size of your pool. The best part of these fences is that the fences come in a range of colors and styles. You can choose from a range of colors like brown, tan, yellow, green or black. You can also install a glass pool fencing Gold Coast with special textured exteriors to complement the look of your house. The aluminum support poles of these fences are also powder coated with different colors to match the fences.



The new pool safety laws have to be taken into strict compliance by all pool owners by 30th Nov 2015. Only government appointed Pool safety inspectors are allowed to issue safety certificates after they inspect the quality of pool fencing and safety measures followed. Safety certificates for public or shared pools must be displayed prominently near the entrance. Pool fences have to be at least 1.2 m in height, free of gaps more than 100 mm and must be free of footholds and handholds. There should be no items like bikes, potted plants, shrubs, outdoor furniture or any such objects within the range of 1.2 m of the pool gate.

Make sure you have a pool cleaner to maintain the cleanliness of your fences.

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