Tips for Choosing a Plastering Service

If your house is more than eighty years old or it was built during the World War era, then most probably the walls in your rooms and the ceiling are plastered. And it is very likely that the plaster in most of the areas is coming off. Therefore, it goes without saying that re-plastering needs to be done without delay. It would be wiser on your part to hand over the job to a home improvement establishment or a house contractor rendering plastering services.

Take your time in deciding

You and your family are emotionally connected to the home and that includes each and every part including of course the plastering. You might have memories about how your house stood tall and survived the wars. Renovation Builders know too well about how to take care of the plastering job as he has worked on hundreds of similar projects in the past.

Ask for references

If you have been living in your home for quite a long period then you must be acquainted with people who live in homes which are as old as yours if not older. Some of them must have re-plastered their homes in the recent past.

Ask them whether their contractors did a thorough job or just ripped off the plasters and replenished the same with drywall. A professional company offering plastering services will be very particular about how it does the job. The company knows that just as a positive feedback generates leads a negative word of mouth will damage goodwill irreparably.


Make a checklist

If you’re going for the re-plastering job for the first time, then you should make a shortlist of four to five contractors proffering plastering services. Get to know the rates from them and how much time they’d would to complete the job. Will they charge by the hour or by the day? What sort of materials and equipments they’d use? Interviewing each one of them will help you to have a better grasp of what the plastering job is all about.

Check on credentials

This is a guideline you’d need to follow with any sort of home improvement job, and needless to say for your plastering job as well. You’d need to find out whether the contractor is accredited to a certified agency or whether he’s sufficiently insured for the job work. How long has he been on the job? Will he offer any guarantee for his plastering services?


The contractor that you finally settle on must communicate clearly and should have the sort of persona that you can rely upon. You’d need to trust your contractor and therefore he should affect an attitude so that you can trust him.