Plantation Shutters: Maintenance Tips

You got brand new shutters that look perfectly on the windows of your home and make the interior livelier than it was. However, with great shutters come maintenance as well. Although the plantation shutters don’t require too much maintenance and they’re, definitely, easier to deal with than other types, you still have to do at least something to preserve their quality and ensure they last for decades. Yes, these shutters can last for decades when you opt for high-quality service and implement certain maintenance techniques.

The regular maintenance doesn’t require drastic action, which is amazing. There are a few simple steps to make sure they’re spotless and entirely clean. Thanks to the nature of plantation shutters design characterized by horizontal slats that can be closed or opened, regular maintenance usually involves taking a cloth or duster and running it over the louvers in a bid to remove traces of dirt and dust. It’s that easy! If there are some tougher stains, you can take care of them with a slightly damp cloth and light disinfectants.

Besides regular maintenance, there’s also an in-depth cleaning that you can do on bimonthly, seasonally, monthly basis, and so on. Here, the method of cleaning depends on what the plantation shutters are made of. For example, you should avoid using water-based cleaning techniques on shutters that are made of real wood. Why? It’s because they can cause the wood to warp. So, to clean them, you can use a wood polish that you can spray on a cloth and clean the slats carefully. For hard to reach corners and crevices, you can use a toothbrush.


On the other hand, if the shutters are made of faux wood or uPVC you can use water or water-based products along with all-purpose soap. Make sure you rinse the slats with fresh water after using soapy products and dry them with a towel or dry cloth to avoid spots that would appear after drying.

If you notice scratches on the plantation shutters you can always mask them with the paint or you ask a professional to do it for you. Basically, maintenance of these shutters is incredibly easy and all you have to do is to wipe them carefully with a damp cloth and product that is suitable for the material they’re made of. You won’t spend hours on maintenance like you’d have to do with some other types of shutters.

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