Are Plantation Shutters Right for You?

Plantation shutters are a type of window treatment. Originally, this product is used in the United States, in the Southern regions, where farms and large estates were plentiful. Tobacco, coffee, cotton and sugar farms were called plantations. This is where the name originated. If you’ve been thinking about getting new window treatments, these tips will determine if this type is right for you.

You live in a sub-tropical or tropical environment.

Sub-tropical countries or areas are those that have very humid summers and light winters. Meanwhile, tropical countries or areas don’t have winters at all. Homes located in areas with these types of climates don’t need much protection from the cold at all.

Plantation shutters have large spaces between partitions. It has fewer slats. What it does is allow a lot of light and wind inside the house, even if you only open them partially. If the weather gets too hot – because it’s particularly sunny outside – it can be closed. Doing this will give maximum protection from the harsh sun, whilst still letting some breeze in.

You want versatile window treatments.

This type of shutter provides a versatile way to open and close blinds. One segment can be completely open simultaneously whilst others are closed shut. This gives you a lot of privacy options without being too limiting.

If you live in a busy street, for example, you’ll need some privacy from passers-by. However, humid environments will still need some wind to let cool air circulate. Opening the top part of the shutter only will solve this problem. You can have an ample amount of privacy without sacrificing comfort. This is one of the unique features of this type of blind.

You want something that looks good.

Plantation shutters have a classic, old-timey appeal that’s hard to resist. They add a nice touch to any household. It can also add an instant appeal to your windows. To learn more about this type of window treatment, consult Bayside Shutters today.

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