Pest Inspections

The ideal way to tackle common household pests is to take preventive measures like using fly screen mesh to control infestation. Instead of waiting for termites to make their presence felt on your woodwork, get regular Pest Inspection Service performed on your property.

How Often Should You Get Your Property Checked for Pests?

The purpose of an inspection is to establish the kind of infestation and its severity. The frequency of inspections for household pests depends on a variety of factors.

Level of Pest Activity

If there is an evidence of a good deal of past or current pest activity, it is sensible to conduct pest inspections, with increasing regularity.


Construction of Your House

The frequency of Pest Inspections carried out largely depends on the type of timber used for construction of your property. This is particularly significant in the case of termites. Termites are silent workers and they can remain undetected for a long time. They eat their way into the wood of your home.

Certain varieties of wood and other construction materials are available that are termite-proof to a certain extent. A house constructed with termite-proof material calls for fewer pest inspections. If you intent to buy a house, it is highly recomended to hire a Pre purchase Property inspectors for further assessment.

Timber suppliers may beguile you into thinking that their material is absolutely termite proof. This is not accurate. Termite-proof material limits the termite activity; it does not prevent it altogether.

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