Tips for Choosing Colours for Your Master Bedroom

When it comes to painting master bedrooms, there are several aspects that you should keep in mind. Master bedrooms are primarily meant for the main home owners or eldest members of a family. As a result, it has to portray a mature yet dignified image at all times. The colour therefore plays an important role in designing a master bedroom. In most cases, children’s rooms are painted using bright and creative colours whereas master bedrooms are painted using neutral and mature tones.

Colours that match your personality

Your master bedroom is the one place where you spend most of your time while at home. It only makes sense to choose colours that make you comfortable or ones that match your personality. Furthermore, while doing so make sure to take into account your partner’s personal choice too while deciding. See Brisbane Painters


Neutral colours, light shades

It is always advisable for master bedrooms to portray a mature image. Neutral shades, lighter tones and colours like beige, white, light browns and earthen shades are usually considered ideal for master bedrooms. Bright colours are often not considered for master bedrooms.

Colours that go with your furniture

It makes sense to first install your bedroom furniture before trying to choose colours for your bedroom. Once you have all your furniture in place you can choose a colour accordingly that goes with the rest of your furniture. For your bedroom to look mature and well maintained try to match the shades and types of furniture you install in your room.