Become an overnight optician: From the comfort of your living room

Our senses are vital to our emotional and physical well-being. We count on them on a daily basis to get the most out of life and for us to perceive any imminent dangers or threats. Imagine if you couldn’t smell the first flowers of spring, see a beautiful waterfall cascade down a rock face or hear a speeding driver skid around a blind corner as you cross the street. Your life as you know it would certainly change dramatically. Millions of people globally suffer from some form of sensory depreciation, whether that be requiring the use of glasses to read a list of ingredients or needing to use a hearing aid to fully engage in a meeting at work. With so much of our quality of life dependent on our senses it’s very important to be constantly aware of how your body is functioning and if there is any noticeable depreciation in one’s ability or comfort, the first step to getting help is diagnosis.

These days it’s very easy to determine whether or not to go and see a health professional about a particular ailment as there a pre-diagnosis tests available online for a wide variety of sensory complaints. Many people are discouraged from seeking help for conditions they consider to be minor as they fear wasting the doctors time and also their own money. However, most hearing and eyesight problems come on gradually and the minor complaints you have today can easily turn into much more serious ones tomorrow. Luckily, you can now test your vision in an internet opticians, check your ears are up to scratch by taking a hearing tests online or even judge your ability to perceive colour with a different form of home assessment.

If you are planning on taking a test to judge your senses, you should be aware that it is not an alternative to seeing a qualified professional. Just because you failed a hearing tests online, for example, does not mean you should rush out to buy a brand new hearing aid at great expense. Taking the hearing tests online would be just the first step in determining whether or not to seek further medical assistance.

If you are worried about your eyesight, hearing or any of your other senses beginning to fail, a quick internet search will provide you with a list of services available to you from your home, whether that be a colourblindness examination or a hearing tests online. It’s very important that you act quickly as the longer an ailment is left, the more extensive the course of treatment that will likely be required. The more time a problem persists the greater the damage caused in the long run.

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