What You Must Ask a Pest Control Company

If you see pest roaming around your home, you know you must do something about that. However, when you’re looking to hire a pest control company, you must be careful and only choose the reliable one. Besides, there are a lot out there so you could hire the best. It won’t hurt to ask these questions so you’ll arrive with the right one:

  • Which pests do you eliminate?

Some pest control companies eradicate only termites whilst some are only dedicated to eliminating ants. However, there are some companies that kill a wide range of pests. Therefore, it’s a must for you to find out the pests they deal with. Besides, you may only be dealing with rodents in your house so you can skip the ones that don’t eliminate those creatures.

  • Will we need to evacuate the house?

It depends on the methods they’ll use. If they use natural methods, they won’t need to request you to leave your house. Of course, the same won’t hold true if they use methods that contain harsh chemicals. You may be forced to evacuate the premises for several hours. Therefore, it’s also a must to know the methods they’ll use.

  • Do you guarantee to eradicate them 100%?

Some pest control companies use great methods to prevent them from entering your property again. That would be a huge benefit because that means you won’t have to call a pest control company for a long time.

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