Individual buyers and sellers

Every agency looks at maximising its profits. If you are an individual seller or real estate buyer, then chances are that the same agency may have another agent representing your opponent’s side.
It isn’t against the law for the same agency to represent to two separate individuals in real estate agents. If you discuss points with other agents at the same agency, chances are that others will be exposed to your personal information.

If you begin to compare notes, you will be responsible for creating a rift among the agents.

Lack of trust

When you discuss your requirements with several agents, you will be showing your lack of trust towards the one who is finally going to help you. This may affect your business relationship with real estate agents in the long run to the extent that they may not want to help you anymore because you showed a lack of trust towards them.

There is already stiff completion among agents within a real estate agent agency.

It’s about the company not agent

When you are looking for a good agent, you need to first identify the company you want to work with. Once you find a reliable real estate agent service, leave it to them to assign an agent to you.
If you lengthen the process and start screening agents within the company you have chosen, it will leave a bad impression about you in their minds.
That’s because most companies offer same level benefits but give higher commissions to the better performing agents like Melbourne mortgage broker.