Mobile Crushers: Crushing Process and Techniques

Mobile crushers are made up of different types of machines that are mounted in a truck so it can be moved from one place to another. Mobile crushers are used in quarrying, demolition, and ore processing.

Pressure Crushing

Mobile crushers like jaw crushers and cone crushers are used in the pressure crushing technique. In this technique, larger materials are crushed by the high pressure between slowly moving parts. Jaw crushers are most often used in the impact crushing method where medium-hard to hard materials are reduced to smaller sizes. Pressure crushing is the most widely used crushing technique


Impact Crushing

Impact crushing is done with the use of impact crushers where the rock is lifted by a moving rotor and then crushed by smashing it against hard walls. Impact crushers may be sued as primary crushers or secondary crushers where soft to medium hard materials are reduced to finer objects. In this technique, cone crushers are widely used.


The Crushing Process

Before crushing hard objects, they are subjected to a preparation process called pre-screening. Pre-screening is simply the process of segregating the materials to be crushed according to their sizes. This way, materials of the same sizes are crushed together in one mobile crusher.

The whole process of crushing starts with screening and then the materials are transferred to crushers. Once the primary crushing technique is done, the materials are stockpiled through a discharge conveyor. If the materials need to be crushed into even finer grains, a secondary technique will be done. Depending on the needed end products, the crushed grains are either graded using screening units or moved into another crushing technique using impact crushers and cone crushers. The finished products are graded using final screening units.

This is the most common process of using mobile crushers but some operators may use other techniques according to their needs. Mobile crushers that have three different crushing stages are the most popular these days. Most modern mobile crushers also have a combined screening plant. They are used in complex crushing jobs where the usual crushing method will not be able to complete the job.

The presence of mobile crushers in quarrying and demolition sites makes the job easier. These mobile crushers can move materials from one part of an operating site to another but may also be used in moving the materials to longer distances. Mobile crushers are indispensable in quarrying, construction, and demolition sites.