Known Methods Used In Stump Removal

Stumps are unwanted items in any park, field, or garden that should be removed. If left, they can occupy spaces that should have been used for other purposes. Apart from being an inconvenience in your field, these protruding leftover part of a fallen or cut trees can cause accidents to people and damages to gardening tools or equipment.

For years, people have devised ways to remove these ground protrusions over the years. But most of the time this activity is difficult to do. Stumps of huge trees cannot easily get rid of. Here are some methods used for removing these pesky things:

Using your bare hands

With the use of power tools, you can uproot or level stumps of small trees, especially those with shallow roots such as maple trees and weeping willows. You can use pickaxes to loosen the surrounding soil. Then, once the soil is loose, you can pry them out.

Using chemicals

Chemical fertilisers such as potassium nitrate can hasten the decomposition. You can use these chemicals to hasten the rotting of stumps. Drill huge holes into the stumps and fill them with the said chemical mixed with water. Bacteria growth is rushed using this solution. Wait for weeks and you will see the decomposition.

Through burning

Setting the stump on fire is a good way to pry them out. Drill many holes into the stump, then pour kerosene or other fuel oil except gasoline in them and let it penetrate for two weeks. Drop a lighted match into each hole. The stump will eventually burn and turned into charred wood, making the removal process easier.

Using huge machines and heavy equipment

You may need to use heavy equipment in uprooting huge stumps. Stump removal professionals use chainsaws, grinding machines and other tools for this job. Others even use four-wheel-drive trucks with chains to pull them out.

These leftover parts of fallen trees are huge annoyances in our gardens. You need to exterminate them at the soonest possible time using the methods above. Or contact stump grinding Sunshine Coast to do the task for you.