Quick and Easy Tips to Make Outdoor Awnings Look Better

Awnings are a timeless piece of outdoor protection for our homes. Designed to be installed outside and act as a shade, they have been in homes since time immemorial. Relatively easy to take care and clean, they add to the beauty of our home. There are ways that you can further enhance the look of outdoor awnings, making your home looking great and beautiful each time.

1. For starters, brushing the fabric of your awning helps to clear it of any dirt, debris and reduce the chances of the fabric shrinking. If you can, brush your outdoor awnings once a week so you can help keep it in as close to a pristine state as possible. Use a soft brush and wipe off with a clean cloth.

Dust is crystalline in its structure and can scratch or harm surfaces if it has stayed long enough. When kept undisturbed for an extended amount of time, such dust can even penetrate deeper into the fibres of the shade itself.

2. Once you’re done brushing, the next thing to do is hose the material off. Hosing with medium pressure water helps remove bigger particles out of the way, including bird droppings, surface stains and other materials that your brushing is unable to remove. It’s highly suggested to wipe the awning off after the wash to make the hosing more effective.

3. If you have time, wash the fabric off with mild soap diluted in water. Gently scrub the surface in a singular motion, putting mild pressure in areas where there is discolouration or staining. Once done, hose it with water and dry off with a clean rag.

4. Never use highly abrasive detergents and soaps as it can cause the material to fade away. This can be done at most once a month to at least 4 times a year, especially when the weather is starting to change through the seasons. This can make your outdoor awnings shinier than ever before.

5. Amongst the most overlooked part of maintaining your awning is the drying period. It’s important to keep the material as dry as possible, with at least laying it flexed to dry under the heat of the sun. if you can, wipe it with a dry cloth after rains or after washing.

6. Don’t allow the folds and creases to accumulate water, which may allow mould growth or mildew. When planning to store the awning, make sure it’s fully dry.

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